Why Oh Why

by 5th & Wyatt

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5th & Wyatt reemerge with their most reflective material yet, announcing the single “Why oh Why” from their July 30th release, Circadian Rhythms.


I've been down, and been up
and still kept, my chin up/
when pinned up/
remained ninja /
even while injured /
I ventured /
outside of all approved paths/
/and grew past/
problems of the old world/
solved with-the-new-math /
addressing a few-bad, apples in the systems /
where victims of root causes get blamed for symptoms /
and people who comment, who don't know the difference /
distance themselves through their judgmental lenses /
ended some friendships /
met some new ones in the trenches /
with much more, compatible agendas /
she was sensing that my inner animal is centered /
thoughts for you, I paused ,a few, then sent em /
So what's your feelings on the cost of life? /
how you living when you're off the mic? /
the hero archetype/
with the heart to fight /
might not have the sharpest knife /
but my mom and pops taught me right /
so yo they got me like /
Why oh why oh why oh why

Does this life have to fly on by?

I swear, I was just a child/
unaware of trials/
I grew up, and grew thick skin/
they tried to file /
but I'm dialed in/ like sunshine, I know what time it is/
you can't blind a reflective mind, respect the grind I/
perfected the rhyme instead of electing crime/
cause they give corrective time instead of a second try/
so I /
believe in what you can't see with the naked eye/
to make it by/ otherwise I lay awake at night /
for the sake of mankind I can't just standby/
that's why/
me and 5th coordinate like hand eye/
and I been curbing my fears for nearly 30 years/
heated debates keepin the streets with burning ears yes!/
I express like 10 items or less/
I got a lot of questions on my quest/
I suggest heads stop dying from stress over who's rhyming the best/ and figure out who's designing this mess.
Ask yourself this!

Why oh why oh Why oh Why
Why oh why oh, why oh why oh,
Why oh why oh Why oh Why
Why oh why oh, why oh why oh
what why oh, why is it wild?
Why is it wild, why it is it wild?
Why is it wild, why it is it wild?

it's like we're all on trial /
gotta justify survival /
but still they look at me like I-owe them my soul / but I know /
that WECAN break the cycle/
take back our rightful titles/
so if you got that light inside you, don't be afraid to let it shine through / shine it through /


released May 7, 2017
Written by 5th Sequence and Randal Wyatt.
Scratching by DJ Ozroc and 5th Sequence.
Mixed by 5th Sequence & Matt Smokovich.
Mastered by Matt Smokovich.


all rights reserved



5th Sequence Portland, Oregon

Boombap specialist & avid hip hop fan with a desire to spread awareness of social issues while advocating revolutionary agendas of self empowerment.

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